Source code for penchy.client

Executes benchmarks and filters generated data.

 .. moduleauthor:: Fabian Hirschmann <>

 :copyright: PenchY Developers 2011-2012, see AUTHORS
 :license: MIT License, see LICENSE

import logging
import xmlrpclib
import signal

from penchy.util import load_config, load_job
from penchy.log import configure_logging

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class Client(object): """ This class represents a client which executes a job and sends the results to the server. """ def __init__(self, job, config, identifier, loglevel=logging.INFO): """ :param args: arguments; this would normally be :class:`sys.argv` :type args: list """ self.config = load_config(config) job_module = load_job(job) self.identifier = identifier configure_logging(loglevel, logfile='penchy.log') self.job = job_module.job self.job.filename = job_module.__file__ self.proxy = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy('http://%s:%s/' % \ (self.config.SERVER_HOST, self.config.SERVER_PORT)) self._current_composition = None signal.signal(signal.SIGHUP, self._signal_handler) def _signal_handler(self, signum, frame): """ Handles signals sent to this process. :param signum: signal number as defined in the ``signal`` module :type signum: int :param frame: execution frame :type frame: frame object """'Received signal %s' % signum) if signum == signal.SIGHUP: self.send_signal_to_composition(signal.SIGKILL)
[docs] def send_signal_to_composition(self, signum): """ Send signal ``signum`` to the composition which is currently running. :param signum: signal number as defined in the ``signal`` module :type signum: int """ if self._current_composition: if self._current_composition.jvm.proc: if self._current_composition.jvm.proc.returncode is None: self._current_composition.jvm.proc.send_signal(signum) log.error('Current composition timed out and was terminated')
[docs] def run(self): """ Runs the client. """ self.job.send = self.proxy.rcv_data for composition in self.job.compositions_for_node(self.identifier): try: self._current_composition = composition composition.set_timeout_function(self.proxy.set_timeout) self._current_composition = None except Exception as err: log.exception('Exception occured while executing PenchY:') self.proxy.report_error(composition.hash(), err)